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Krystyna Wolski, DDS, DMD, MD, MD(H)

Dental-Body Connection Specialist

A dentist knows the mouth, a MD knows the body. Who better to understand the dental-body connection than a single expert in both areas? Dr. Wolski is that person, and her work with Dayspring patients embodies the essence of holistic dentistry, treating the whole patient through an interdisciplinary approach.

Dr. Wolksi treats patients who experience health issues that begin in the mouth using a variety of alternative techniques and therapies to identify, analyze and address dental problems, including kinesiology, electro-dermal testing, and homeopathy. She is certified in all these therapies in the state of Arizona.

She addresses the following core holistic principles: amalgams and fluoride are problematic, dental material-patient compatibility is important, the relationship between teeth and organs is well established. Traditional dentistry is simply not suitable for everyone: conventional drilling and anesthesia may traumatize; root canals can compromise overall health; teeth filled with mercury, nickel or palladium may solve one problem but create others.

Dr. Wolski has over 20 years of clinical and experience-based knowledge. Always open to new, alternative ideas for the most effective treatment for our patients.

Krystyna Wolski, DDS, DMD, MD, MD(H)
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