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A Special Place in My Heart

Katia! Thank you so much for my sweet note and “matching” gift! You are a sweetheart!

I appreciate your welcome and time so much yesterday. It was so special to me as you and the clinic have a special place in my heart. It sounds strange that a cancer clinic would but you all make it such a healing peaceful atmosphere. Being there gives me extra energy and an uplift in my adventure.

I love and care for you so much!

Thank you again! You don’t know how much your welcome meant to me!

Love you!

A place of peace and healing.

First of all, I am very grateful to have you as my doctor. You are so passionate about taking good care of your patients and you just know how to make us smile and feel at home. And I can personally say I came each day to Dayspring for the past 8 weeks as if it was my second home.

Thank you for making Dayspring a place of peace and healing. And thank you for accepting me and my family as your family. It feels like we have known you for years.

Thank you for giving me all that you have and know without holding back anything. Thank you for allowing God to use you to restore me back to health. Now that I am feeling much better in many ways.  I am leaving my second home much healthier and stronger.

May God bless you abundantly according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Philippians 4:19

~ Anonymous Patient

Cancer CellSonic Testimony

38 years ago my right foot was crushed by a heavy steel object breaking multiple bones, Surgery included permanent pins, screws and a plate installed in my foot. Since then around half of my foot has been numb for all these years. I’ve had hundreds of acupuncture and foot massage treatments since then but the numbness never went away. Recently I had a treatment performed at Dayspring to stimulate blood flow. The first treatment yielded half my foot to become flush with warmed immediately and within a few hours the half started to tingle then later that day I could feel the nerves come alive. I was so surprised so I did another treatment, this resulted in ¾ of my foot to feel the ground, and feel the bones move. Still shocked by these amazing results I had a third treatment 3 days later which brought all feeling back to my foot within 24 hours. My brain was being re-trained with every step that I had a size 10 foot and not just a heel on the injured foot. I’ve been so impressed with this treatment that I have recommended it to 3 other friends with knee, foot and leg issues.

Looking forward to playing sports this summer with two full feeling feet.

~ B.

CellSonic for Knee Pain

Hello, my name is Diana, 52 years old, I am a letter carrier for more than 20 years now.

For four weeks I started with a pain in my knee, the pain did not allow me to sleep. Dr. Dickens gave me a treatment with the CellSonic Machine on the area of my knee. My knee pain was a 9 out of 10 and now it has decreased to a 1 out of 10. The sciatic nerve pain disappeared also.  It is incredible that the first day of the treatment I was able to sleep without any pain. Thank You Dr. Dickens!

~ Diana

Clean & Clear From Brain Cancer

My last two (2) MRI’s post your Immunology Magical Bootcamp-Cure therapy (Oct.2017) was/I AM still clean & clear of any brain tumor/cancer cells that you helped me de-mask & destroy for good. {Your Love for human being in creating an effective Immunology sourced Cancer Curing Clinic.}

Forever Grateful,

~ BB

Great Care

Thank you, Thank you for the great care you have provided us.

You are loved tremendously!

~ LZ and DZ

I Was Given my Life Back.

I want to Praise God for yours and Dr Wolski’s work. Yesterday was Remembrance Day [Canadian patient] and I was given my life back!

~ Anonymous Patient

I am feeling good, regaining strength.

I am feeling good, regaining strength and energy. I can walk around the park, drive, go shopping, eat LOTS, and go all day without a nap. Thank you for continued prayers. I enjoyed spending days with you [the nurse Katia] very much. You are a considerable asset to the clinic, very cheerful and encouraging! You carry a healing hope to all you touch!

~ Brenda D.

I can't say enough about this man.

When I think about how he cares for his patients, you can’t help but scream that he has qualities that you just don’t find in other healthcare providers, alternative or allopathic. He is a great listener and educator. He goes beyond the one size fits all and sees only an individual. He’s not afraid to pray for his patients daily. He hunts for information and assistance to find solutions. He’s curious and not intimidated to learn from others. He empowers you to understand that YOU are capable and given the gifts to heal…just ask him for his Biblical references, amazing! He is conscientious and always present, body, mind and spirit. I love this man and his gracious gifts. Mostly, he has helped me come to realize that we each must be our own bus drivers. Others can get on board, help to make the ride gracious, peaceful, successful…but we must drive. God winked at me the day I met Dr. Dickens!

~Anonymous Patient

I don't want another Dr.

I never met a Dr, like Dr. Dickens, we have such a nice conversation I don't want another Dr.

~ 11 y/o Patient

I get increasingly better.

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to thank you for your part in my wholeness and wellness. It has been over a year and I get increasingly better. Things I hadn’t been able to do I am now doing. It took a while for my body to heal some areas but I was victorious. My friend who had an identical problem, got a regular diagnosis and went conventional and ended up blind, deaf, and paralyzed on the left side of her head. I am so very thankful to be well and whole. Bless you!

~ Anonymous Patient

I have total confidence in Dr. Dickens.

Well, just finished Week 2 (out of a 4 week treatment plan) at Dayspring Cancer Clinic. Week 1 was very hard, as I was told it would be (lots of IV’s, shots, machines, supplement, etc.) and I felt lousy! End of week 2 and am feeling more energetic.

I have total confidence in Dr. Dickens as he treats each patient for these particular types of cancer/disease – not a “one size fits all”! He’ll answer your questions and study different treatments.

The nurse, Katia is terrific! She is always pleasant and caring! Katia is very informative and gives me the encouragement I need!! Let’s face it, cancer is a scary diagnosis and you want to be in a place where you feel confident you’ll get the best possible treatment!

I truly believe the LORD directed me to Dayspring Cancer Clinic and Dr. Dickens and Katia!

Thank You,

~ Donna P

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