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types of cancers

Types of Cancer

We Target All Types of Cancers

Learning that you have cancer is one of the most challenging experiences a person can have especially when you may not have much information about your specific cancer. Depending on your diagnosis, you will generally learn the type of cancer you have, what stage it’s in, and what generally the prognosis is for recovery and the future. Traditional approaches will provide chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery therapies based on generally defined protocols. For example, if you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, your cancer is generally treated similarly for others who have breast cancer. This approach is a good foundation but it fails to consider the root cause of the cancer for each unique individual regardless of where or what stage their cancer is at.

At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we provide treatments for any form of cancer because of our metabolic approach and targeted immunotherapies. Below is a list of the most common cancers we treat to help questions you may have. However, if your cancer is not part of this list, our methodology is precise enough to treat any type of cancer.

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