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Types of Cancer


Bladder cancer begins in the tissues of the bladder which is a hollow muscular organ in the lower abdomen area that stores urine produced by the kidney. Bladder cancer often starts in the cells that line the inside bladder called the urothelium. Common types of bladder cancers are defined by the location of origin.

1. Urothelial carcinoma is the most common type of bladder cancer. This cancer is located in the cells that line the inside of the bladder. These cells expand and contract as the bladder fills and empties.

2. Squamous cell carcinoma is associated with ongoing irritation of the bladder like from an infection. This type of cancer is more common outside of the United States where a parasitic infection is the cause of bladder infection.

3. Adenocarcinoma begins in the cells that make up the glands that secrete mucus in the bladder.

What you should know

Age and gender are common risk factors as bladder cancer affects more men than women and those older than 55. Chronic bladder infection, being exposed to certain chemicals used in manufacturing textiles, such as rubber, dyes, paint, and leather, and lifestyle choices like smoking increase risk factors. History of bladder cancer and previous cancer treatment can also increase cancer risks.

Symptoms to look for include difficulty urinating in terms of pain and frequency. Blood in the urine and back pain are additional symptoms.


Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are common conventional treatments for bladder cancer which can be very aggressive on the body. Other less invasive therapies to consider include more innovative methods that include immunotherapies. Schedule a consult with our medical staff to better understand how Dayspring Cancer Clinic can help you with your therapy options.

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