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Colleen Connolly

Patient Care Coordinator

Colleen is our dedicated office manager, bringing over two decades of experience in providing exceptional service to patients. Born and raised in New Jersey, Colleen made Arizona her home in 1986. Alongside her professional endeavors, she is a devoted caregiver to her mother. 


Colleen’s commitment to aiding individuals has been a constant throughout her career. With 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, she has honed her skills in patient care and administrative efficiency. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring patients receive the support and information they need to begin their treatment journeys. As the first point of contact, she has established herself as a pillar of reliability and compassion within the clinic. 


She is deeply inspired by the clinic’s unwavering dedication to its patients, observing firsthand the lengths the team will go to make a positive impact. 


During her free time, she enjoys leisurely activities like shopping or attending concerts, or simply relishing moments of togetherness with friends and family.

Colleen Connolly
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