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Locoregional Hyperthermia

Why Optimal Tumor Heating 44°C - 46°C (110° - 116°F) Can Be a Game Changer for Cancer Patients

The Thermofield® Noninvasive Tumor Heating System is a groundbreaking medical device with enormous potential to improve cancer treatment. By harnessing the power of heat, this cutting-edge system can safely elevate tumor temperatures to levels never before possible with external heating devices, all while ensuring the utmost protection for the skin. Skin surface temperature is 4°C lower than the internal temperature and thus is tolerable for the patient.

Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated that temperatures above 45°C (114°F) effectively destroy cancer cells and stimulate a significant increase in heat shock proteins (HSPs) expressed on the cell surface.[1] This remarkable surge in extracellular HSPs serves as an antigen, compelling the immune system to launch a persistent attack against the tumor. Moreover, it has been observed that optimal heat can kill cancer cells, with 96% of melanoma cells eradicated in-vitro in 24 hours after just 11 minutes of direct heating.[1] Alongside its ability to kill cancer cells and trigger a potent immune response, the continuous heat stress applied to the tumor tends to collapse its blood supply, further inhibiting its ability to survive.

Additional Benefits Associated with Heating the Tumor

✔︎ Better outcomes with no additional toxicity to the patient.

✔︎ Kills cancer stem cells that are highly resistant to conventional treatments.

✔︎ Palliates cancer pain by reducing pressure on adjacent nerve tissue.

✔︎ Enhances the uptake and biodistribution of drugs and natural compounds used to treat cancer.

✔︎ Reverses drug resistance.

✔︎ Disrupts the tumor microenvironment weakening cancer cells and making them more susceptible to anti-cancer therapy.

Hyperthermia has a proven additive or synergistic effect with the following cancer therapies

Mistletoe Therapy



IV Vitamin C

Nano-sized Curcumin

Hydrogen Gas

Iron Dextran

Photodynamic Therapy




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