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Royal Rife Resonance Therapy

Royal Rife’s Theory for a Difficulty in Life

Not only do we have an explosion of ill health because of dangerous industrialization practices, but the human race is also put under more severe stressful conditions. Bad health causes even more traumas to our neurological systems. More stress causes hormonal imbalances that further breaks down our fragile immune system.

We also however live in a wonderful technology age where concepts from Nicola Tesla, George Lakhovsky and Royal Raymond Rife are rediscovered, evaluated and developed at affordable cost so that everyone can afford a Rife Resonator. A “wondrous healing machine” that assists the body’s ability to heal itself.

Introducing a revival of Rife’s work: “A Wondrous Healing Machine”

A Rife Resonator is a generic name for basically a frequency generator that can generate square waves as well as to generate those frequencies identified by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s to destroy a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses and even cancerous cells. This “resonator” is used in resonance therapy. Regular sessions of resonance therapy are claimed to strengthen the body’s immunity system against ineffective diseases.

By exposing disease organisms to highly modified forms of their own unique electromagnetic pattern of oscillation, Rife discovered that he could destroy them (and nothing else) by the million.

Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern. Therefore, every living thing has its own unique electromagnetic signature, and this pattern is genetically determined—and is therefore unique and unlike any other species.

Just as a wine glass is shattered only by a specific frequency, so by applying a resonator to generate the frequencies that Rife discovered only the disease organisms whose oscillation pattern corresponds to the modified patterns are destroyed.

By applying resonators to destroy the direct cause of many diseases a new therapy was born. Today resonance therapy (Rife therapy) is one of the very few therapies known to be free of any adverse side effects.

Dr Royal Rife: The father of the wondrous machine

Royal Raymond Rife (1888 – 1971) was a brilliant and persistent scientist. Where technology didn’t exist, Rife invented it — the very first micromanipulators, micro-dissectors, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. He won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, as well as an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidelberg.

Millionaires like Henry Timken financed Rife’s work, which included the Universal Microscope, with 5,682 parts. With this superb microscope, Dr. Royal Rife became the first person to actually see a live virus.

Royal Rife was one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the 20th century.  He began researching a cure for cancer in 1920, and by 1932 he learned how to destroy it in laboratory cultures and went on to cure cancer in animals. In 1934, he opened a clinic which successfully cured 16 of 16 cases within three months’ time. Working with some of the most respected researchers in the America along with leading doctors from Southern California, he electronically destroyed cancer in patients, allowing their immune systems to restore health. A Special Research Committee of the University of Southern California oversaw the laboratory research and the experimental treatments until the end of the 1930s. Follow-up clinics conducted in 1935, 1936 and 1937 by the head of the U.S. C. Medical Committee verified the results of the 1934 clinic. Independent physicians utilizing the equipment successfully treated as many as 40 people per day during these years. In addition to curing cancer and other deadly diseases, degenerative conditions such as cataracts were also reversed.

Resonance Therapy

The only other sure and safe way to destroy unwelcome pathogens in your body is to apply the science of sympathetic resonance with a Rife Resonator and where applicable to use ozone.

Rife frequency generators have been developed to generate those frequencies being used in Rife therapy to destroy pathogens and to treat a wide range of ailments. The manufacturers and distributors do not claim that it will cure any ailment. However, it generates the frequencies that Dr. Royal Rife found to be beneficial to heal certain ailments. Many people all over the world, including medical practitioners, claim that these frequencies destroy a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Because of the emphasis of frequencies that combat pathogens, a Rife frequency generator can be used to treat in a complementary manner a wide variety of illnesses caused by infections, especially Streptococci and Staphylococci. The secondary application of the instrument is to provide the necessary bioenergy to the body’s immune system. Allowing the body to strengthen its own defenses against infectious disease attacks.

For this bioenergy to be effectively utilized by the body, the user has to supplement the body with the daily needed minerals and vitamins. A person that undergoes Rife therapy must be encouraged to drink plenty of water (i.e. at least 4 glasses of clean water) and to stick to the recommended diet until the series of Rife treatments (a protocol) has been completed. The patient should not consume any caffeine, sugar, yeast (this includes bread, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee) during the first 10 days of the initial Rife therapy protocol. After the completion of this series of treatments, the patient should be encouraged to continue with a diet for optimum health, or at least reduce consumption of poor foods. For good health, one needs to eat healthy food. Free from any unnatural or foreign ingredients. Good food one can provide by your own fruit and vegetable garden and sourcing from reputable food shops, growers and farmers.

When should one stop with Rife treatments?

In the case of treating an acute health problem the user should continue treatments well after all symptoms are gone. Slowly cut back in treatment frequency. This is much the same as when taking antibiotics. They are used days after all symptoms have disappeared and potentially at a decreasing rate.

In the case of treating a chronic ailment the user should use the treatment protocol indefinitely even after all symptoms disappear.

When the immune system has been devastated by medicines, a suggested schedule would be to continue the treatments with an interval of 3 days in between, for 3 times as long as it took the symptoms to disappear.

With very serious health conditions, including those considered “incurable” by any conventional means, it is wise to continue periodic treatment on a regular basis as insurance against recurrence or relapse.

Microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi are pleomorphic, (able to assume different forms in their life cycle) – much like a butterfly goes through different developmental stages. Therefore one must continue the treatments even after the symptoms have ceased. Remember the M.O.R. (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) applies only to a particular stage of the life cycle of the bacteria etc.

Rife therapy results

A Rife instrument will have no side effects, but may create in some cases a Healing Crisis, otherwise known as a Herxheimer Reaction especially when the user does not consume enough water to flush out the dead pathogens due to the treatments.

If a user has an infection, in a tooth, for instance, millions upon millions of bacteria would inhabit that tooth and the surrounding area. When a Rife machine is turned on, the bacteria all rupture. This debris must be escorted out of the body through the skin, bowels, and urinary tract. In the case of severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. The good news is that the first reaction is always the worst, and there rarely is a second reaction.

Users with cancer may notice a decrease in pain, as well as a change in the size of their tumor. Urine may also become darker and greasy after the first few sessions as toxins leave the body through the kidneys.

Some users may have difficulty sleeping the night after the first session due to increased energy. Other users may experience what they believe to be a full-blown cold the next day. One way to distinguish a cold from a healing crisis is that during a healing crisis, the client still has energy. On rare occasions, a rash may appear. If this happens, it will disappear within 72 hours. Using medication on this rash will only force back in a poison the body is trying to expel.

Users with bladder infections, PID or chronic yeast infections may notice a urinary discharge. As a final note, it is not unheard of to pass a dead worm into the toilet after receiving a parasite frequency. It is important to remind the users that a healing crisis is always temporary, and that it is better to have the offending micro-organism dead, on its way out, rather than alive and on the inside.

Frequencies for the Resonators

Two kinds of frequencies

Take note that Dr. Rife discovered that that by applying the so-called MOR frequencies one can destroy pathogens. In the late 1940’s, Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German medical doctor and engineer found that the body’s organs also react to frequencies. These frequencies are referred to as bio-frequencies. A good example of applying frequencies to an organ is if one gets a heart attack and the heart is revived with a defibrillation machine.

A Resonator that a wide range frequency generator means it can generate both kinds of these healing frequencies. Then one can use a Resonator not only to destroy pathogens but also to apply it to address a wider array of ailments and diseases.

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