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Getting Started/Forms

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens


Download the New Patient Form, complete, and submit including your medical records with PET scans and blood work.


If local: We will schedule a 60-minute in-person initial consultation with Dr. Dickens to review medical records, health history, and the most appropriate approaches for your individual cancer.


​If from out of town: Upon receipt and review of your records, we will call you to schedule an initial 60-minute Zoom consultation with Dr. Dickens. You will discuss your individual cancer and learn of specific approaches that are most appropriate. We will also answer any questions about accommodations in Scottsdale.​

Please note that the initial consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens is $350. This amount is credited towards your payment upon registering for the 4-week program.
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Fix the Leak Testing

We’ll perform a comprehensive group of tests to best identify the most common causes of cancer like:

  • Teeth examination associated to acupuncture meridians

  • Heavy metals

  • Emotions

  • Low thyroid

  • Sympathetic nervous system dominance

  • Toxins

  • Genetic testing with therapies

Your Customized Treatment Plan

Backed by evidence-based testing for your particular cancer, we will formulate a comprehensive plan considering your preferences, needs, and timetable. We hone in on uncovering which body’s natural repair and healing mechanisms may be broken. Then our protocol focuses on non-toxic modalities that enable the body to heal itself by normalizing natural regulator, repair, and defense mechanisms.

Call us at 480-699-7400 or click the button to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens.
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