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Our program

Our Program

Fix the Leak
(Identify the Root Cause)

We treat cancer without chemo with alternative cancer therapies backed by evidence-based scientific research to bring life to patients all over the world.


Our unique and effective approach aims to find the root cause of the cancer via our in-depth testing and assessments. Then we can treat where the cancer began, allowing subsequent therapies to be more effective. These therapies are metabolic in nature which means they target the metabolic processes of the cancer cell to disrupt the cancer cells pathways for growth. In doing so, you are “fixing the leak” to understand why the immune system failed, address the underlying weaknesses, and employ treatment strategies that will strengthen the immune system and significantly decrease your chances of recurrences and metastases.

cell diagram



Initial Consultation

The initial consult with our medical team is the first step in making sure you feel comfortable getting answers to the key questions you have. We answer frequently asked questions about the clinic, the program, the location, etc. We understand how challenging it may be to get answers and that you have many potential options to consider so we strive to answer as many questions as possible to help you in your choice wherever you decide to go.


Doctor Consultation

The consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens is the next step that you can take prior to deciding to come for treatment. In this consultation, Dr. Dickens will learn more about you and what you need. He’ll learn about the history of your cancer treatment including what tests have been done. He goes through a specific Dayspring Cancer protocol based on his extensive research experience to identify possible root causes. He also will provide more information about the 4-week program and answer any questions you or your family may have prior to deciding on treatment.


Ongoing Consultations

Once you’ve decided to come to Dayspring Clinic, you and your family will have access to Dr. Andrew and the medical staff as part of our personalized approach to care. Throughout your program, the medical staff including the doctor is in constant contact at the clinic with you and provide on-call support when you’re away from the clinic. You not only get more attention versus other clinics, but you also have the opportunity to connect on a more personable level as a key to healing is both physical and emotional. 

Personalized Plan

Because we cater to caring for a smaller group of patients, we are able to apply therapies that are unique to the cancer and needs of each patient. Additionally, our suite of tests helps us to identify the root causes of your cancer which enables us to better prescribe the needed therapies. The result leads to more effective and efficient treatments that cut down the amount of time needed for your overall care which also reduces costs for our patients. Here is a look at some of the key areas that help us deliver more targeted therapies for you. 

This is a critical first step in identifying what’s at the core of your cancer. Dayspring Cancer Clinic analyzes your past tests to determine what additional tests we’ll conduct to ensure a comprehensive assessment is done. We also routinely test throughout your program to track progress.

Doctor consultation
Doctor Consultations

Dr. Andrew and the medical staff work continually to fine-tune the therapies based on the tests that are done each week. This ensures that you and your family understand how the therapies are progressing and allows you to learn as much as you can about the therapies. We also take your feedback to ensure a 360-degree feedback loop to optimize our treatment.

optimized care
Optimized Care

We tailor our program to each patient at the beginning of their therapies based on our reviews of prior tests as well as the ones we do. Because we monitor and perform ongoing assessments, we are able to continually adjust the level of care so it is customized to how your body is responding to the treatment.

4-Week Program Example

Our 4-week Program is designed to quickly identify and treat your specific cancer. As a result, the treatment plan is customized for optimal results for each patient and is much less time-consuming than other programs. The result is things are easier for you and your family and enables you to return home more quickly with a tailored post-program care plan. 
Doctor's Appointment

Follow-up Care

As a graduate of the Dayspring Cancer Clinic program, you have access to follow-up care as needed.

  • The first component of your follow-up is the program recommendations we provide.

  • We also stay in contact to ensure we coordinate with your local medical team concerning appropriate testing and monitoring.

  • We provide follow-up consultations as needed.

  • We also provide supplemental care programs which are critical for maintenance.

a Dayspring day

A Dayspring Day

9 am •  Welcome with a selection of reading material and audio in preparation for the therapies

9:30-10:30 am • Tailored testing and assessments

10:30 am-12:30 pm • Therapies begin (e.g. immunotherapy)

12:30-1:30 pm • Lunch (Nutritional Guidance)

1:30-4:30 pm • Additional therapies

4:30-5 pm • Staff communication and prep for next day

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