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Why Choose
Dayspring Cancer Clinic?

Cancer Challenge
Target the cancer.
Treat the patient.

Conventional cancer treatments typically include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and sometimes a combination of all three. However, these therapies can come with a myriad of challenges that patients need to be aware of. Oftentimes, these challenges can multiply and diminish the overall quality of life for patients. Here are some considerations about the main three conventional treatments.


Chemotherapy drugs are designed to attack cancer cells, but they also can affect healthy cells. The toxicity of the drug to healthy sales can kill tissue and damage vital organs. Common side effects of chemotherapy include extreme nausea and vomiting, hair loss, and increased susceptibility to infections.


Radiation therapy can also destroy healthy cells in an attempt to eradicate dividing cancer cells. In so doing, patients can experience fatigue and irritation of the skin. Like chemotherapy, radiation can also lead to secondary cancers or other health complications long-term.


Surgery has risks regardless of whether the procedure is for cancer or not. Common ones include infection, an allergic response to anesthesia, and bleeding. Cancer adds more complexity and can complicate a surgery depending on the location of the cancer, how large a tumor is, or how weakened a patient’s immune system may be.  For example, surgery for stomach cancer can potentially affect changes in bowel or bladder function. 


The challenge with most conventional approaches is they typically recommend chemotherapy for cancer treatment — which only yields a 2% success rate in stage 4 cancers. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we take a metabolic approach to cancer. Unlike conventional therapies, metabolic treatments attack cancer cells regardless of the cancer type. 


Our unique and effective approach aims to find the root cause of the cancer, and to treat that first, allowing the treatment to be more effective. In doing so, one is “fixing the leak” to understand why the immune system failed, address the underlying weaknesses, and employ treatment strategies that will strengthen the immune system and significantly decrease the chances of recurrence and metastases.

Genetic vs. Generic Approach

Our approach is centered around you, and we analyze cutting-edge genetic testing to help tailor treatments specifically to your individual needs. One of the key tools in this process can be seen in this karyogram example, which is a genetic map of cancer cells. Imagine it as a snapshot that reveals the intricate details of your cancer’s genetic makeup. It’s like comparing two different puzzles – even if they look similar on the surface, the pieces are arranged differently.


Similarly, two patients with the same type of cancer may have distinct karyograms (see the diagram for an example), which means their treatments should be as unique as they are instead of a "one size fits all" treatment. This personalized genetic approach, rather than a generic approach, ensures that you receive the most effective and targeted therapies, giving you the best chance for a successful outcome.

Karyograms of two colon cancers
karyogram of colon cancer patient A
karyogram of colon cancer patient B
Patient A
Patient B

World Class Expertise

Dr. Andrew Dickens is at the leading edge of alternative therapies. For over 15 years, he and his medical team have treated patients that come from all over the world. Dayspring Cancer Clinic scours the world and the latest evidence-based research to identify innovative therapies. A key strength of the clinic is the ability to provide root cause assessments and testing. By identifying the root cause on a metabolic level, Dayspring is able to scan a library of methods that best fit each patient and the cancer they have. The increased options from targeted immunotherapies to vitamin C treatments, enhance the likelihood of positive patient outcomes.

Boutique Service

Dayspring Cancer Clinic is not like large-scale providers that utilize a one-size-fits-all generic approach to cancer treatment. Because cancer is unique for every patient, our care is also tailored to each patient. In order to do this properly, we specialize in treating patients in small groups where the quality and level of attention is high. Because we are able to spend more time with each patient, we learn more and are able to provide the right level of support for every patient. As a result, therapies are individualized, and patients and their families get to know our staff and feel comfortable asking for the care they need.

Program Snapshot

Our plans are designed to quickly identify and treat your specific cancer. As a result, the treatment plan is customized for optimal results for each patient. Here is a snapshot of a 4-week program:

After your initial program is completed, you have options for follow-up care and support as we team up with your local physicians to ensure periodic monitoring of progress. At Dayspring, we are always there for our patients.

A Dayspring day

A Dayspring Day

9 am •  Welcome with a selection of reading material and audio in preparation for the therapies

9:30-10:30 am • Tailored testing and assessments

10:30 am-12:30 pm • Therapies begin (e.g. immunotherapy)

12:30-1:30 pm • Lunch (Nutritional Guidance)

1:30-4:30 pm • Additional therapies

4:30-5 pm • Staff communication and prep for next day

Location, Location, Location

Arizona desert

Dayspring Cancer Clinic is located in Scottsdale, Arizona which provides an ideal place for patients and their families to come for their medical care. Here are some of the top reasons to help you consider why Scottsdale is a great place to be. Scottsdale is a top vacation spot in the country and globally for a reason.

  • There is plenty of sunshine that boosts vitamin D and positive moods. 

  • Scottsdale has views of many of the desert landscapes you see in travel magazines.

  • As a destination spot, the city boasts award-winning restaurants, resort hotels, golf courses, and places to visit like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.

  • There are plenty of events throughout the year including Barrett Jackson, Spring Baseball, and the Waste Management Open to name a few.

  • Scottsdale is beautiful with public art throughout the city providing many options for you and your family to be safe as you undergo treatment.

  • Travel is convenient with an international airport just minutes from the clinic.


At Dayspring, we understand that cancer can make patients and families feel isolated or alone. That is why our philosophy and mission is to provide you with the best access to care and resources.
Director and Staff

At Dayspring, we understand that cancer can make patients and families feel isolated or alone. That is why our philosophy and mission is to provide you with the best access to care and resources.


Dr. Andrew Dickens is world-renowned for his research and clinical expertise. You will have access to not only the most common alternative treatments but also other therapies that bigger hospitals or clinics may not readily have if your type of cancer requires a more unique approach.


Because we approach the treatment of cancer holistically, we work with many partners that provide the essential support for positive patient outcomes including counseling support for you and your family. Being a patient with Dayspring Cancer Clinic, you will have access to our master list of key partners.

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