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Why Dayspring Cancer Clinic?

For over 10 years, the Dayspring Cancer Clinic has provided personalized care for patients by pinpointing the cause of and treating their individualized cancers. At Dayspring, we take a boutique approach focusing on a handful of patients versus a mass quantity style of care. The result is that patients feel better with the attention and receive cancer therapies best suited for them. Because we’re better able to customize treatments for patients, we minimize waste, saving our patients time and money. Discover the Dayspring Cancer Clinic Difference.

Genetic vs. Generic Approach

Our approach is centered around you, and we analyze cutting-edge genetic testing to help tailor treatments specifically to your individual needs. One of the key tools in this process can be seen in this karyogram example, which is a genetic map of cancer cells. Imagine it as a snapshot that reveals the intricate details of your cancer’s genetic makeup. It’s like comparing two different puzzles – even if they look similar on the surface, the pieces are arranged differently.


Similarly, two patients with the same type of cancer may have distinct karyograms (see the diagram for an example), which means their treatments should be as unique as they are instead of a "one size fits all" treatment. This personalized genetic approach, rather than a generic approach, ensures that you receive the most effective and targeted therapies, giving you the best chance for a successful outcome.

Karyograms of two colon cancers
Karyogram of colon cancer - patient A
Karyogram of colon cancer - patient B
Patient A
Patient B

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Our patient care coordinator and medical staff can help you learn more about our programs.

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Dayspring Expertise

Our programs address all types of cancers.

Some of the most common cancers treated:

How to choose an Alternative Cancer Clinic?

When choosing an alternative cancer clinic, it’s important to do your research. Below are four primary areas that our patients consistently share with us that helped them in their selections.


Director and staff

This is one of the biggest factors in a positive patient experience. Expertise is paramount, but do you feel comfortable with how the staff also interacts with you? Do feel like they want you there or are you just another number?

Try scheduling a call with the doctor, learn from past patients, and visit the clinic if you can.

Doctor and Patient
Medical Consultation

Individual attention


Is this a small or large clinic? If the patient volume is too large, will you be able to receive the personalized attention that your care demands? No one cancer is the same even if they fall into a similar category and no one patient is the same either. If a clinic is able to focus on your needs as well as your specific cancer, the likelihood that your care being better increases.


Family matters

Does the clinic pay attention to making sure that your loved ones are also considered? Do they take the time to answer questions or include them throughout the process? Doctors and staff that are able to connect with your family can also help reduce anxiety and stress which is critical in facilitating the best outcomes.

family and doctors compassion
healthcare saving costs



When care isn’t personalized, or there is a standard set of generic treatments based on a broad diagnosis, the likelihood of receiving treatments patients may not really need increases. The more precise a diagnosis is including the associated therapies, the less wasteful the care for patients will be reducing the time and costs that come with it.

What Our Patients Say


Advanced Stage 4 Colon Cancer


Breast Cancer Survivor

Your Dayspring Team

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Andrew Dickens, NMD

Medical Director

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Krystyna Wolski, DDS, DMD, MD, MD(H)

Dental-Body Connection Specialist

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Katia Marin

LNA Nurse

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Sharon Danley

Biofield Tuning/Eden Energy Medicine Therapist

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Marissa Candia

Patient Care Coordinator

Dayspring Cancer Clinic Medical Team
Michael Kessler, DC

Genetic Testing Specialist

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