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One Small Change Affects the Big Picture!

Natalie Triplett

One Small Change Affects the Big Picture!

I did not realize there was someone so close to me who has the CS technology. So, I made an appointment for Friday and flew down for the day. I spent the afternoon at the clinic and received a long therapy for my vision etc.

I am now two days out from that visit and I do feel some changes already in my body. As it goes, I will keep you posted. Dr Dixon is very thorough with his approach to healing and takes his time in listening and muscle-testing to what the 'body wants' in his protocol methods. I find his clinic unique and very valuable and I learned a lot from his perspective. The CS therapy was later done in his clinic area, and immediately afterward I was extremely dizzy. Dizzy meaning: I physically walked straight and normal but my mind felt like I was walking sideways....It lasted about an hour and then metabolized, but it was not unpleasant, just new.

I am thrilled to have finally been able to experience the treatment!! It is, by far, the strongest and most intense energetic treatment I have ever done. Immediately I could walk 'congruently' with mind-body feelings in my legs. That had not healed in over 8 years since my accident. And I shared with my family that it is a conscious feeling of confidence (not emotionally) but confidence-physically. I know healing takes a little time, and I am open-arms to the new cellular forces that took place utilizing the technology. But, WOW what a new feeling I am already aware of!!!

The testimonies you originally sent also verified to me the extreme need to do synergistic work for the mind/unconscious when working with anyone. The throat cancer situation seems so easily viewed as a long-term progress TO disease when you look at what the person endured, with the variables she lived daily for years on end. It completely reinforces that we MUST treat Spirit/Mind-Body together to allow for changes in all facets of our being/soul. The fact that anti-aging takes place post-treatment shows me that even though there is limited proof of this, I believe that when the low-frequency disease state is shifted, the body is able to bounce back and regenerate to a frequency of livelihood and vitality quite quickly. Do you follow epi-genetics theory (Dr Bruce Lipton)? I met Dr. Bruce last year, but his theory speaks to me as I see clients daily who regenerate their Biological Age on the scan results, with just a few positive changes in their lives. I always say the definition of quantum is: One Small Change Affects the Big Picture!


- Natalie Triplett

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