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MD Testinonial of CellSonic Therapy

Linda W, MD

MD Testinonial of CellSonic Therapy

Last fall, I had a bug bite at the junction of the sole & 4th & 5th toes. It got infected with redness & swelling about 1/3 of the way up my foot and had an open draining wound of about 1/2 inch between the toes. It was treated with antibiotics & resolved but I always thought because of the location that there might be a problem sometime later. Well last Sunday I felt some minor irritation in that location & when I looked, I had an area between the toes where the skin was breaking down and had clear colored drainage with an odor. I did various things to treat it over the next several days including high potency Allicin orally & topically.

Then on Wednesday, I had a colon implant of probiotics by Vicki B. Friday morning it still had drainage & skin breakdown of maybe a 1/4-inch crevice.

Friday afternoon It was treated with the CellSonic at your office. Today, Saturday, there is no hint of discomfort, drainage, or odor & the wound has some skin covering on it already. I can stop placing the gauze pad between the toes because the drainage is gone & the wound looks nearly healed overnight.

Love it!

~ Linda W, MD (retired)

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