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I have total confidence in Dr. Dickens.

Donna P.

I have total confidence in Dr. Dickens.

Well, just finished Week 2 (out of a 4 week treatment plan) at Dayspring Cancer Clinic. Week 1 was very hard, as I was told it would be (lots of IV’s, shots, machines, supplement, etc.) and I felt lousy! End of week 2 and am feeling more energetic.

I have total confidence in Dr. Dickens as he treats each patient for these particular types of cancer/disease – not a “one size fits all”! He’ll answer your questions and study different treatments.

The nurse, Katia is terrific! She is always pleasant and caring! Katia is very informative and gives me the encouragement I need!! Let’s face it, cancer is a scary diagnosis and you want to be in a place where you feel confident you’ll get the best possible treatment!

I truly believe the LORD directed me to Dayspring Cancer Clinic and Dr. Dickens and Katia!

Thank You,

~ Donna P

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