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I can't say enough about this man.

Anonymous Patient

I can't say enough about this man.

When I think about how he cares for his patients, you can’t help but scream that he has qualities that you just don’t find in other healthcare providers, alternative or allopathic. He is a great listener and educator. He goes beyond the one size fits all and sees only an individual. He’s not afraid to pray for his patients daily. He hunts for information and assistance to find solutions. He’s curious and not intimidated to learn from others. He empowers you to understand that YOU are capable and given the gifts to heal…just ask him for his Biblical references, amazing! He is conscientious and always present, body, mind and spirit. I love this man and his gracious gifts. Mostly, he has helped me come to realize that we each must be our own bus drivers. Others can get on board, help to make the ride gracious, peaceful, successful…but we must drive. God winked at me the day I met Dr. Dickens!

~Anonymous Patient

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