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Cancer CellSonic Testimony


Cancer CellSonic Testimony

38 years ago my right foot was crushed by a heavy steel object breaking multiple bones, Surgery included permanent pins, screws and a plate installed in my foot. Since then around half of my foot has been numb for all these years. I’ve had hundreds of acupuncture and foot massage treatments since then but the numbness never went away. Recently I had a treatment performed at Dayspring to stimulate blood flow. The first treatment yielded half my foot to become flush with warmed immediately and within a few hours the half started to tingle then later that day I could feel the nerves come alive. I was so surprised so I did another treatment, this resulted in ¾ of my foot to feel the ground, and feel the bones move. Still shocked by these amazing results I had a third treatment 3 days later which brought all feeling back to my foot within 24 hours. My brain was being re-trained with every step that I had a size 10 foot and not just a heel on the injured foot. I’ve been so impressed with this treatment that I have recommended it to 3 other friends with knee, foot and leg issues.

Looking forward to playing sports this summer with two full feeling feet.

~ B.

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