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Harnessing the power of heat to fight cancer.

Locoregional hyperthermia or LRHT is a leading edge therapy that delivers moderate heat (39-44 degrees Celsius) to a localized region of the body, so that heat is targeted primarily on the cancer while maintaining the environment integrity of other cells and tissue (e.g. skin) around the tumor. The application of targeted heat on a tumor increases the therapeutic response of oncological treatments. LRHT has been used for years but inconsistent practices and limited quality assurance has dampened its growth along with higher costs of conventional machines. However, new mechanisms and additional studies in recent years have brought more positive results. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we’re excited to offer LRHT to all of our patients as part of our standard program made possible with our recent technology acquisition that delivers optimal deep tissue hyperthermia with improved cost effectiveness. Here is an overview of the technology and the benefits you can expect to see with this therapy.


Thermofield system at Dayspring Cancer Clinic

·       One of the drawbacks of conventional noninvasive RHT is the inability to deliver the necessary level of heat to the cancer without damaging around its healthy cells like skin cells.

·       The Thermofield system overcomes this issue by restricting the resonation of energy that goes into a patient in accordance with the finite conductivity of biological tissue. 

·       Tumors which are less efficient at removing heat become hotter than surrounding tissue and skin.

·       Direct measurements with an invasive temperature probe confirmed that this process delivers cytotoxic (toxic effect on) temperatures to tumors while maintaining surface temperatures that patients can tolerate.

·       Deep tissue penetration can target tumors in multiple anatomic locations up to 6cm.

·       Treatments are easy to set up in minutes.

·       Delivers optimal thermal (43 - 46°C) doses to maximize killing cancer cells while stimulating the immune system.


What are the benefits of Locoregional Hyperthermia (LHRT)?

·       Improves outcomes while reducing toxicity

·       Heat kills cancer stem cells which are very resistant to standard therapies

·       Shrinks tumors and thus pressure on nerves consequently reducing pain

·       Enhances the effectiveness of medication used to treat cancer

·       Inhibits cancer cell DNA repair

·       Disrupts the microenvironment of tumors which weakens cancer cells




At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we believe therapies should target cancer and not the patient. Find out more about Locoregional Hyperthermia and many other leading edge therapies we offer patients by talking to our patient care coordinator.


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