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CellSonic Therapy Innovation

The Future of CellSonic Therapy

At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we constantly explore groundbreaking innovations that have promising benefits for cancer patients. One such innovation is CellSonic Therapy, also known as CellSonic VIPP (Very Intense Pressure Pulse) Therapy. This non-invasive therapy is akin to the practice of lithotripsy which uses sound waves to break down kidney stones. Furthermore, CellSonic’s application targets tissue to promote healing and reduction of pain without the need for surgery or medicine. We’ve been successfully utilizing Cellsonic treatments for years as part of a suite of therapies to improve the health of cancer patients. To help you consider if CellSonic Therapy is right for you, we’ve outlined how it works and some of its advantages below.


How Does CellSonic Therapy Work?

CellSonic Therapy utilizes an electrohydraulic machine that delivers focused pressure pulses to a targeted affected area. These pulses are adjustable and stimulate the body to repair itself naturally. The resulting outcome includes:


  1. Increased Blood Flow: The pulses increase blood circulation which carries more oxygen and nutrients to speed up the healing process of damaged tissue.

  2. Regeneration of the Cell: The sound waves put mechanical stress on cellular activity triggering repair functions that lead to the growth of new cells.

  3. Reduction in Pain: The therapy can reduce inflammation and swelling and thus decrease the production of pain mediators.  

  4. Reduces Infection. The pulses kill infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi negating the need for antibiotics and other medications. 


Benefits of CellSonic Therapy


  1. Non-Invasive: CellSonic Therapy does not require incisions thus reducing complications and the risk of infections that come from traditional surgeries.

  2. Decrease Side Effects: The non-invasive nature of the therapy reduces the typical side effects patients experience from more conventional treatments like radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. 

  3. Faster Recovery: Patients return to regular activity sooner with little recovery time from the procedures.

  4. Versatility: CellSonic Therapy is a valuable tool that can be applied to a myriad of medical needs from cancers to pain management.


The Future is Bright

CellSonic Therapy applications will continue to expand as research identifies other benefits from this innovative care.  With the power of the pulse applied non-invasively to improve healing for patients, we can expect to see the therapy become more mainstream. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we continue pioneering CellSonic Therapy to improve the health of our patients. To learn more about CellSonic Therapy and how it can help you, call and schedule an appointment with our medical director Dr. Andrew Dickens at 480-699-7400 or by going to



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