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Positively Overcome the Negatives of Cancer

Cancer is tough

No matter how you look at it, cancer is a significant health challenge and can negatively affect the lives of everyone it touches. Fear and helplessness stemming from uncertainty of the future can test even the most resilient of individuals. At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, we believe it’s important to fully understand the toll that cancer can place on people. With more comprehensive knowledge comes a greater likelihood of improved outcomes when treating cancer. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key challenges that cancer brings to help point you in the right direction toward solutions.


The Physical Toll

The most common challenge cancer poses is the physical toll placed on the body. As cancer cells grow, they encroach and invade the functions of healthy cells. Common symptoms that arise can include persistent pain, bleeding in the affected area, fatigue, weight loss, and the development of bumps and swelling to list a few. If this isn’t bad enough, treatments from conventional medicine like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery often bring a host of side effects from nausea and hair loss to organ damage and pain. These adverse effects not only diminish the quality of life but may also require additional interventions to manage, further compounding the burden on patients and caregivers alike.


Emotional Weight

In addition to the physical toll, cancer heavily weighs on emotional and mental health. Often people equate a cancer diagnosis with a death sentence bringing all the negative emotions of fear, stress, and anxiety along with it. It is easy to become discouraged even losing hope. It is important to have a good support network of friends, family, health providers, and mental health counselors. Appropriate physical exercise that stimulates endorphins, good nutrition, and rest play an important part in countering negativity. With a solid response of support for emotional well-being, patients and loved ones can come to even have a positive perspective zeroing in on things that matter most in life like family.


Financial Burden

Cancer also brings with it additional emotional stress of worrying about how to bear the costs of treatment. Conventional medicine may be covered by insurance, but costs can dramatically increase from out-of-pocket expenses that include deductibles and co-pays. Because cancer is unique to the individual, general treatments may not work as effectively increasing the need for trying more options which in turn adds more costs. The longer it takes to find the appropriate treatment options, the greater the risks the cancer brings if symptoms sideline patients from normal functions and employment. When considering therapies, it is important to receive the most precise diagnosis and explore options that go beyond convention if alternative ones are more promising.


Long-term Challenges 

Cancer is a disease that requires effective treatment which can require time. For example, chemotherapy treatments are typically given in cycles over several months. Even after treatment ends particularly for conventional therapies like radiation and chemotherapy, physical and psychological side effects can linger negatively affecting quality of life and wellness. After treatment, support often wanes leaving survivors to wrestle with the challenges of integrating back into life. When looking for treatment options, it is important to still have the future in mind to ensure care minimizes any undue harm and that there is ongoing support if needed.



While the evolution of cancer therapies continues to improve, it is still important to address potential negatives that accompany cancer. By truly seeing all of the challenges that cancer patients face, more effective decisions for care can be made. There are always positive alternatives to consider, which is why Dayspring Cancer Clinic provides holistic therapy options to help patients meet cancer head-on with hope. Call our patient care coordinator at 480-699-7400 to learn more or to schedule a consultation today.


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