Thank You

August 2017

Thank you (much gratitude from husband and my Pops too) for taking good care of me, Doc. So lucky to have you on my side. I’m confident to live past all of the expiration dates….  I’ve already lived past the other ones given to me, right? I’ll see you again soon and bother you via email/text sooner.

Thanks again for all the good, important, brave work you do.

The “Princess”

January 2017

Unsolicited Text from Retired MD:

Re 3BP: great opportunity to take lemons & make lemonade.
I’d suggest you write up what you told me after the meeting yesterday about 3 BP, unlicensed untrained practitioner, history of 3BP w mechanism of action, comparison w Chemo death rate, what % of oncologists will not personally do treatments they recommend to patients, etc. Put it on the web & put on your website. I see all the publicity as an opportunity. Maybe patients just can’t find you because all the other stuff comes up higher on the search engines now. 3BP is now out there more so more people are looking for you but can’t find you! By the way, I love what I have seen on your website so far!

As I said yesterday, you’ve got probably the best game in town & possibly the US.

December 12, 2016 Unsolicited Letter

“Dr. Dickens I want you to know that I admire you and you are in my prayers and you will continue to be in my prayers. I pray you are allowed to continue and flourish in your practice to help others with this horrible disease of cancer. I am so unbelievably thankful for such an amazing Godly doctor like you. I am still in awe that you have the courage to do what you do every day. You go against the system, you see pain and heartbreak every day, you do what you know is right even when it’s not mainstream, and it’s definitely not easy. Most doctors, even if they have God in their heart, don’t seem to have the courage you have. I know alternative doctors don’t make the millions and billions of dollars like conventional medicine but I believe we will answer to God someday for our decisions and actions. From my short time of knowing you I believe you will hear God say the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

I saw, with my own eyes, your patients getting better and stronger every day in the clinic. I know alternative methods are the answer to cancer and I wholeheartedly believe you are one of the best in this field.”

October 2016 Unsolicited Email

Dear Dr. Dickens,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you  to you and everyone who works with you at Dayspring.  It has been a little over a year since we first met and Ralph presented to your clinic with Stage IV, Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer.   While he still has some healing to accomplish, we can’t thank you enough for your think outside the box, NEVER GIVE UP attitude, your ever generous guidance, prayers and kindness.  The world would be a far better place if all doctors were like you.  We are thankful you came into our lives.  We appreciate all you do.  We want to tell the world that there is always hope and that your never ending faith guides us to keep pushing on.  It has been four years since Ralph was diagnosed stage IV cancer.  This past year has been a blessing spending it at Dayspring.  Please share our comments!  The world should know.

Good News

FINALLY, a healing breakthrough Thank you, Dr. Dickens for your revolutionary, lifesaving holistic medical treatments! For me, mainstream medicine only treated symptoms without finding and addressing the root cause of my affliction.  Thank you for getting to the root of my problem and for providing alternative medicine treatments that work!
Thank you!
K. Winters