Solvents, Pesticides, and Herbicides

Solvents, Pesticides and Herbicides
Check exposure from previous or current work history.
Check exposure to pesticides from spraying at work and home environments.
Golf has a heavy exposure as seen by the increase in breast cancer in women golfers.
Exposure from previous long term exposure from consumption of well water,
especially in farming areas or wells near industrial sites where pollutants may have
been “dumped” accidentally.
Solvents, pesticides and herbicides are stored in the fat cells and any weight loss will
precipitate the release of these toxins.
These poisons are typically put into an oil base product to help maintain the product
where placed into the environment. For example, pesticides are put into an oil base
product so that it can be sprayed onto crops. Being an oil based product, it will not
wash off in rain or irrigation (nor under a simple home based wash).
Pesticides are neurotoxins. Plants do not have a nervous system and so are
unaffected by the pesticide. Insects are very small and so are affected quickly.
Humans are very large and take a cumulative amount over years of exposure.
Vit C drips, non-corn/non-beet oral or topical lipolized Vit C, hyperthermia and
lymphatic massage are effective in removing these toxins.