Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal Suppression of the Immune System
Heavy metals such as:
1. Mercury
2. Lead
3. Cadmium
4. Aluminum
5. Arsenic
6. Uranium
Heavy metals suppress the immune system at a time when the full force and power
of the immune system is necessary to seek out and destroy aberrant cells.
¾ Linked to increased free-radical activity and oxidation processes
¾ Contributes to premature aging and aging diseases
¾ Can cause suppression and/or deregulation of the immune system, leading to
a ten fold increase in cancer mortality (Blumer, W. and Cranton, E.)
¾ Suspected contribution to learning disorders and neuro-degenerative
¾ Increases risk of cardiomyopathy (Heart Disease) (Frustachi et. al.)
Mortality from cancer was reduced 90% during an 18-year follow up of 59 patients
treated with calcium-EDTA. Only one of 59 treated patients (1.7%) died of cancer
while 30 of 172 non-treated control subjects (17.6%) died of cancer (P=0.002).
Observations relate only to long-term prevention of death from malignant disease, if
chelation therapy is begun before clinical evidence of cancer occurs.
Journal of Advancement in Medicine
Volume 2, Numbers 1/2, Spring/Summer 1989
Walter Blumer, M.D. and Elmer Cranton, M.D.
All patients need to be checked with a heavy metal urinary challenge test.
• Tells if there is any current exposure to heavy metals
• Indicates total body burden as an expression of where the individual fits
within the norms of the general population
Avoid sudden releases of heavy metals as this release may exacerbate the patients
condition with serum tumor marker increases and viral loads increases. Best
to stabilize first and then work on removal of dental amalgams, etc.
Avoid the immediate use of cilantro as it will mobilize heavy metals especially
mercury and potentially cause a severe exacerbation. May be beneficial after
90 days of chelation