Emotional & Psychological

Address the emotional and psychological causes
of disease and suppression of healing:

1. Family counseling may be necessary

2. Bioenergetic forms of healing maybe helpful.

3. Forgiveness of people that have wronged you, if they have
passed away, write a letter forgiving them and sign the letter

4. Pancreatic cancer and possibly other cancers along with
Lupus, abdominal female cancers, rheumatoid & MS can be a
latent “anger” diseases; beware of family transfer of anger
from 2 generations past.

5. Louise Hayes has written on cancer and thought. She
discovered that, for herself, cancer was caused by resentment.
Her resentment grew and grew and ate at her until it formed a
cancer that began eating away at her body. There is a tape
available Cancer: Your Healing Power.

6. New German Medicine Ryke Hamer MD (mind/body
connection between cancer and emotional events).

7. Norman Cousins wrote a book, Anatomy of an Illness As
Perceived by the Patient, which details his experience of using
laughter as a medicine. He was diagnosed with a rare collagen
disease, ankylosing spondylitis,and given little conventional
hope. With a prognosis of a few months in 1965, almost
completely paralyzed, Cousins checked out of the hospital and
moved into a hotel room. He began taking extremely high
doses of vitamin C and watched a continuous stream of
humorous films. His condition steadily improved and Cousins
regained the use of his limbs until he was able to return to

8. Holding babies as a volunteer in a nursery as a treatment is
effective. Also holding a new born puppy has health benefits.

9. Epigenetics is the study of how the proteins that sit on top of
the DNA affect the expression of the DNA. This is something
that can have cross generational impact upon health.

10. http://www.o3center.org/ConditionsCenter/Cancer/CompleteCanc
Positive Emotional Support : The immune system is controlled
by the midbrain, or limbic system, through the thymus. The
midbrain also controls the emotions, so it is easy to see that unresolved emotional problems can shut down the immune system. There are trained therapists who can treat underlying emotional causes, such as repressed anger or resentment, which can often lead to a malfunctioning immune system and eventually cancer. The thymus works by sympathetic acoustic resonance with the heart, so any arrhythmia due to chronic emotional stress or other overstimulation of the adrenals will cause the thymus to malfunction, and turn the immune system off. Ozone will restart the system, but it is necessary to deal with the emotional trigger, or the thymus will shut down immunity every time it is restarted. Since it is the immune system that does the healing, this is obviously critical. Thymus injections are often helpful in restarting the immune system.