Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Stage

2/16/2015   68 yr old male w/upper intermittent left quadrant abdominal pain, 46 lbs weight loss and insomnia.

Upon arrival at clinic CA 19-9 Lab test = 530 (<35 is normal) Sonora Quest Laboratories

Prior to clinic in Jan 2015 had 4 chemotherapy sessions Gemcitabin and Oxaliplatin

Diagnosis: Pancreatic mass (5.7 by 4.1cm) of the body and portions of the tail of the pancreas. Possible liver metastasis due to mildly complex lesion

Very Poor Short Term Prognosis

2/16/2015 through 3/14/2015 Patient utilized 3bromopyruvate, IV’s, an Oral Protocol, hyperthermia, EWOT, fresh green juices, colonics, etc.

3/10/2015 Follow-up CA 19-9 now 202, 20% per week reduction (60% cumulative) in three weeks. Unfortunately last blood draw at week #4 was missed.

Patient has to leave to go back home and will continue oral program.

On 4/13/15 patient reports CA 19-9 is now 126, which is a 75% reduction in his original blood marker. He decided to not do any chemotherapy and continue the oral program


1/9/07  58 yr old female admitted w/upper abdominal pain, 50 lbs weight loss, intermittent fever & constipation. CA 19-9 Lab test = 74

1/12/07 Whipple surgery w/cholecystectomy in Houston, Texas:

Post Operative Diagnosis: Neuroendocrine (Acinar) tumor (5.2 cm) of the head of the pancreas

Very Poor Short Term Prognosis

3/6/07 CAT Scan of abdomen & pelvis showed 2 hypo dense cancer lesions in the liver

4/07 through 8/07 Patient utilized BioImmune Oral & IV Protocol

10/10/07 MRI with and without contrast showed Pancreatic Cancer Gone from Head of Pancreas & No Hepatic (Liver) Lesions Identified!

12/19/07 Follow-up PET Scan was Unremarkable!

4/2008 Still in Remission!

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