Case Studies


Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma

Feb 2017

A stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma (gallbladder) with a cholecystectomy cancer patient came to Dayspring recently. After one month of treatment in clinic, he returned home to continue his Dayspring 3bp protocol.  We recently received an email that stated the following lab values:

Alk Phos had a high of 1041 now at 736
ALT had a high of 376 now at 125
GGT had a high of 1843 now at 1226

He remarked that his PCP (primary care physician) said:

“First allow me to pass on a comment from my PCP that I had an appointment with yesterday. He is very impressed with recent results; while he has always been very supportive of me (for 35 years) I believe he is even more supportive and enthusiastic regarding the current treatment protocols you and I (and the team) are working on.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

June 2016

Female, 35 yo, with metastatic breast cancer presents to Dayspring Cancer Clinic.

She was originally diagnosed and treated conventionally outside of the USA with chemotherapy and radiation.

When that did not work, she went to Nevada for treatment.

When that did not work, she went to Tijuana for treatment.

When that did not work, she came to Dayspring very weak, projectile vomiting and needing a wheelchair. Pain was significant with 60-75 mg of MS Contin daily plus Vicodin plus injectable morphine sulfate for breakout pain.

She was told very early that she had a bad tooth and an infection. She finally agreed to go to the recommended dentist to have a tooth pulled and have the Mexican PICC line pulled as upon insertion it had caused whole body edema and a rash around the insertion site.

This was the start of her recovery. The analogy of fixing the leak in the basement first and then treating was very evident in this case. Until the leak is fixed, any attempts to refurbish the basement is futile as it will only get damaged again. “Leaks” may be, but not limited to, bad teeth, heavy metals, unresolved emotions, low thyroid (a blood test for low thyroid is like buying a used car based solely upon how much gas there is in the gas tank), poor nutrition (including GMO, food additives, low mineral content and irradiated food), various toxicities such as pesticides and insecticides, viral, bacterial and other parasites, radiation (medical and other), polluted water (including fluoride and chlorine), tobacco, geopathic stress and EMF, etc.

Upon leaving Dayspring was off all pain meds.


Prostate Cancer stage 4

Jan 2016

We have a stage 4 prostate in clinic that we were not able to turn his PSA around. After taking him off of supposedly “Cassava” derived IV Vit C and putting him on an oral true Cassava derived Vit C, his PSA went from 570 to 204 in 11 days! That is a 64% drop in PSA in eleven days!

Evidently it is very critical to get true non-corn Vit C. That is very difficult as compounding pharmacies have no way to establish whether or not the C of A (certificate of analysis) is honest or not. After all, the pharmacy depends on the supplier to be truthful and the supplier has to depend on others to do the same. At some point this line of trust may be broken by unscrupulous people. Cassava derived Vit C is about 5-6x the price of corn derived Vit C. Who is to say what is really coming out of China? I have been in contact with a European food analytical company and they are saying that a SNIF- NMR analysis will not work to see the true source of Vit C. Ultimately what the person in charge said was “Unfortunately, I do not know, how this challenge could be assessed.”   So buyer beware, just because a C of A says “Cassava derived” does not mean it is verifiable and not as efficacious as a true Cassava derived product.

So all things need to be done correctly and in the right order to get the best results.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Jan 2016

A triple negative breast cancer comes in to Dayspring. Originally diagnosed as a DCIS, the lumpectomy is upgraded to a triple negative breast cancer. During the first phone call, she immediately breaks down into heavy sobbing, saying that her Oncologist had told her without chemotherapy and radiation she would be dead in two years. Not wanting the chemotherapy toxicity and radiation damage, she comes to Dayspring for 3-bromopyruvate (3bp) treatment.

What she learns is that chemotherapy does not kill cancer stem cells, that stem cells can continue after chemotherapy and start a new tumor. 3bp goes after the metabolism of cancer cells, not just cellular division as in chemotherapy. With the 3bp treatment protocol, dietary education and a strong supplemental program she will be able to have a superb outcome.

Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer

Patient comes to clinic specifically for 3bp treatment. She has done multiple IPT chemotherapy treatments. An immunotherapy treatment has left her with a calcified breast mass 10 x 12 x 4 cm. Patient is extremely steadfast about not having a mastectomy. Left axilla has a 1 x 2 cm lymph node.

Patient begins 3bp treatment and in two weeks lymph node is no longer palpable. Breast calcification is a solid mass and patient is told that it will take time for mass to be reabsorbed by the body.

Patient finishes treatment and states that she “feels like she is 15 years younger and healthier than she has been in years. Also that her skin is clearer and that she has more energy.”

Markers have surprisingly not moved significantly but patient states that if the cancer is not totally gone then really “kicked its butt” from her perspective. States that the IPT treatments determined from the Greek test did not nearly give the same positive response were from the treatments of 3bp.

She states she is wanting to come to Dayspring as needed at some time in the future.

Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4

2/16/2015   68 yr old male w/upper intermittent left quadrant abdominal pain, 46 lbs weight loss and insomnia.

Upon arrival at clinic CA 19-9 Lab test = 530 (<35 is normal) Sonora Quest Laboratories

Prior to clinic in Jan 2015 had 4 chemotherapy sessions Gemcitabin and Oxaliplatin

Diagnosis: Pancreatic mass (5.7 by 4.1cm) of the body and portions of the tail of the pancreas. Possible liver metastasis due to mildly complex lesion

Very Poor Short Term Prognosis

2/16/2015 through 3/14/2015 Patient utilized 3bromopyruvate, IV’s, an Oral Protocol, hyperthermia, EWOT, fresh green juices, colonics, etc.

3/10/2015 Follow-up CA 19-9 now 202, 20% per week reduction (60% cumulative) in three weeks. Unfortunately last blood draw at week #4 was missed.

Patient has to leave to go back home and will continue oral program.

On 4/13/15 patient reports CA 19-9 is now 126, which is a 75% reduction in his original blood marker. He decided to not do any chemotherapy and continue the oral program.


Patient finally did do chemotherapy at home and tumor marker hit a high of 1,574 and chemotherapy was stopped.  He is now doing 3bp along with other products to support the 3bp.  With this regimen his CA 19-9 is now down to 244.

He writes:  “If this ends happily (whenever you can tell that might be a philosophical question) I will really address the question how it is possible to ignore a miraculous agent like 3-BP for now 15 years whilst people are dying in en mass. This is really unbelievable.”

Update 10/31/15

Patient reports via email:

Just some update.
I am feeling quite well with no pain.
The good thing is that the tumor seems not to be growing and the bad thing is that it does not seem to be decreasing either.
As you can see from the Lab rep CA19-9 is actually slightly decreasing which of course is encouraging.”

He was encouraged to continue with his supplementation plan and was encouraged to not be discouraged by imaging size as scar tissue and tumor modification can take time to dissipate.

Stage 4 Breast to Bone

Dec 2014 PET shows primary lesion in right breast and secondary lesions in the sternum, T11, L2  and pubic ramus.

Estrogen (+), Progesterone (+), Her 2 (-) immunohistochemical staining.

Debilitating pain in the area of T11 with ablation. Taking Dilaudid for pain and has a walker.

Starts Dayspring protocol 12/18/15 with 3-bromopyruvate and other IV’s.

In two weeks back pain is resolved and walker is never used.

Leaves clinic after one month of treatment.

 4/15 Dayspring receives report that the breast lesion is gone and the bone metastasis have only  small lymphocytic rings around the lesions.

7/5/15 Patient states:
“I’m actually feeling better than I have in years.  Hard to believe I have cancer.”